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Marc-André Buchwalder • Founder


Confronting the Challenges of an ever more complex World

Emotions are a vital part of human interaction and decision making. Acknowledging our conditions and reactions during any stage of the process – your own and theirs – is essential to understanding the motives and interests of all parties involved.

The art of decision making and brokering a sustainable deal is to incorporate the emotional part of the issues at hand without letting them control the path of communication.

Perspectives of various players can disrupt deal-making and impact sustainable relationships. Be it in partnerships with similar goals or in competition with opposing or conflicting interests. As a result, parties often reach for existing and premeditated solutions which do not address the deeper, underlying issues, and the real interests.

Instead, we need to establish reliable strategies allowing us to respond to challenges in leadership, negotiation, and partnerships. Such strategies consist of tested methods and the ability to adapt to new circumstances.

Nexus Nomin creates spaces for good leadership decisions. It focuses on ethical, dignified, and sustainable results.

What is Nexus Nomin about?

Nexus Nomin is your partner in strategy management, challenging negotiation cases, and processes of change. It provides a platform to rethink the approach to ethical negotiations and modern leadership challenges.

  • Nexus – the connection, the place where various elements meet

  • Nomin – as in Nominative, the subjective noun that is doing something


Within Nexus Nomin I help to analyse and navigate the following areas with case specific strategies:
1. Negotiaton
  • Needing to be best prepared for an upcoming negotiation?

  • Feeling your emotions – or theirs – obscuring your focus?

  • Wanting to reach an agreement that is both fair for all parties involved and hence sustainably reliable?

I help assessing the context (perspectives, motives, and interests), preparing for and guiding through negotiation rounds. I help avoiding a situation of (potential) conflict, assessing interests and underlying issues.

2. Leadership

There is a lot we can learn from the best, modern leaders – in theory and practice.

  • How can you strengthen your modern leadership skills?

  • How can we work towards an engaged professional culture: e.g. responsibility, ownership, and smart decision making?

  • How do we approach leadership in an ethical and adaptive way, avoiding the same mistakes over and over?


Areas of Expertise

Within Nexus Nomin I help to analyse and navigate the following areas with case specific strategies:
Philantropic Advisory

With more than 15 years of serving as co-founder and CEO of a globally active (privately funded) foundation with many high-level partnerships, I am sharing valuable insights into what makes an organisation become impactful.

I help you re-think your approach to put your purpose and mandate into practice: How does international cooperation in development and post-crisis work? How can your organisation be most impactful?

I help taking your philanthropic ambitions from your family office to the beneficiaries: How to set up a framework and measure outcomes with valid indicators? How to bring your investments from a legal structure to actually and sustainably serve the purpose?

You can expect in-depth analysis regarding purpose, mandate, beneficiaries, return of investment, and partnership potentials.


In order to successfully establish social change aligned to your porpuse we need to assess the various motives, interests, as well as the (socio-)political pressure points of stakeholders. Maintaining positive collaboration and engaging in innovative group thinking may result in reliable coalitions for change. It is therefore essential to understand the positions of various stakeholders, be it as partners or antagonists of the your theory of change, and clever communication.


Leadership, Negotiation, and Mentorship in practice

Chief Executive Officer (2010-2022) – partnerships (totalling to more than 250 in 20+ countries), advocacy, investments organisational politics, mentorship, and leadership.

Director International Development (2007-2010).

Scort Foundation, Basel/Switzerland

Sports Advisor in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo. Negotiated and implemented cross-sectoral/-community and inclusive partnerships domestically, negotiating the participation of Kosovo sports to be part of their respective federations and competitions internationally.

United Nations Mission in Kosovo, Prishtina/Kosovo

Personal Assistant to the Deputy Head of Mission of the German SFOR (Stabilization Force) contingent as part of the NATO mission to ex-Yugoslavia, based in Sarajevo.

NATO SFOR, Sarajevo/Bosnia & Herzegovina


Executive Certificate in Public Leadership

  • Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Mastering Negotiation
  • Emerging Leaders

Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA, USA

Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

The Leadership Circle, Draper, UT, USA



Are you facing a complex issue? Do you see the need for change?

I am offering a 30 minute initial call for free, in which we can share the issue at hand and what I may be able to offer.

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